Biddle Productions Presents (2009)

Seven fun shorts films.

Timmy LaGoof: An homage to the 60’s educational films about a young man heading off to college. Along the way he learns that life isn’t easy.

Zombie Fast Food: A fat jogger finds himself trapped and eaten by a group of zombies.

Lil’ Red: Little Red Riding Hood but with a zombie twist.

Zombie Corp: Imagine how easy life could be if we all had zombies as servants.

Vegetarian Zombie: A news crew investigates how a couple stays together when one of them is a zombie who only eats salads.

Zombie A-GoGo:  Four zombies walk into a bar called the zombie room only to discover it was just a clever sign.

Zombie Race:  A disgruntled young man uses his grandfather as bait for the annual zombie race only to wind up having the tables turned on him.